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Everyday knowledge of Excel is becoming increasingly desirable in today’s workplace. Employers require their employees to be able to utilise it to an efficient level, and business owners need a healthy knowledge of it in order to best manage their enterprise.


At 93 Accounting we aim to provide the most efficient, convenient, and cost effective way to learn Excel. We provide face to face and online training, utilising technology that allows our tutors to train our customers from the comfort of their own homes and at times which suits them.


93 A does not provide group learning, you will not be taught within large groups. You will be taught online or face to face and one on one. This ensures that you will have the full attention of your own private tutor, allowing you to ask any questions that you may have and for our tutors to shape the lessons to your needs. Career Link will also provide you with a detailed step by step course manual, enabling you to revisit topics covered following the end of the course.


Core Skills – here you will learn the essential skills to use excel. After the completion of this course you will be able to manage medium sized data sets, create templates, learn essential shortcuts and will be able to use excel to manage a small business. 


Advanced Skills – this course is designed for those who want to use excel in corporation or for those involved with finance or accounting. 


Test preparation – this course is for those who have been asked to sit a excel test for employment. This course contains common topics that come up during testing.

The courses has been designed by experienced accountants who understand what skills are needed in the workplace to manage a business, to make important business decisions, cut down administration tasks and costs to small businesses and to pass testing by a potential employers. 

Since all the courses are designed by accountants, the courses are concentrated on practical skills. We only teach skills which are required by employers and which are important to manage a business. 

The bottom Line  

Excel is going to expand its dominance in the business world. A healthy knowledge of excel can open the door to employment, promotions and leadership opportunities. It will be used as a tool to gain a competitive advantage for small and large businesses. Excel it self can not function without a user who has had experience and training to take advantage of all its possibilities.

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