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Drive Smart, Save Big on Taxes

Let Us Navigate Your Taxes for Better Savings and a Smoother Ride to Financial Success.

Pay Less Tax. Keep More Earnings.

Driving Taxi, Courier, Uber, or any rideshare company? We're the first in New Zealand to specialize in your tax needs. Part-time or full-time, we've got the best tax rates in all of New Zealand starting from just $179. 


Why Drivers Prefer Us:

  • Best Rates: Starting at just $179.

  • Hassle-Free: We sort through your bank statements and identify every deductible expense. No effort required from your side.

  • Expert Advice: Benefit from our tax secrets and pay less every time.

  • Loan Support: Dreaming of owning a home or kickstarting a new venture? Our loan assistance paves the way for your financial aspirations to take flight.


Our No-Stress Tax Services:

  • Tax Filing Done Right: We are registered tax agents. We will make sure you are compliant with tax laws and we will Minimize your taxes 

  • Financial Wisdom: Straightforward advice to grow your earnings and save smart. We have worked with hundereds of small businesses across New Zealand. We will bring all that knowldge to help you on your journey.

  • Loan Help: We navigate the loan process with you for homes or new business opportunities.

  • On-Call Support: Your tax pro is always ready to chat—any question, any time.


Pricing Plans - The best in New Zealand

​We believe in building trust through transparency. Our clear, fixed-fee pricing ensures that you know exactly what to expect. No surprises, no hidden fees. Just straightforward, honest service tailored to your business needs.

One-Time Tax Filing Package - Ideal for individuals needing comprehensive tax filing services, this one-time fee covers everything to ensure a smooth, worry-free tax season [$179 for first year part time drivers, $279 for full time drivers]

Comprehensive Subscription Package - $12.50/week Our subscription package offers an all-inclusive solution for ongoing tax and accounting needs, perfect for small businesses seeking continuous support:

Customise your package - Should these plans not align with your specific needs or budget, we also provide custom pricing options. This ensures that you pay only for the services you truly require, tailored to your unique business circumstances

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Be a Money-Savvy Driver

Join other smart drivers who choose us for simplicity and savings at tax time. Get back to driving and leave the tax work to us.

Start Saving Today


Lower taxes are just a call away. Reach out now and let's put more money back in your pocket.

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