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Core skills

Core Skills – here you will learn the essential skills to use excel. After the completion of this course you will be able to manage medium sized data sets, create templates, learn essential shortcuts and will be able to use excel to manage a small business. .

  • Creating a new work sheet. 

  • Using the recent list 

  • Saving workbooks in different formats 

  • Using templates 

  • Interface 

  • Saving Shortcuts. 

  • Undo and Redo (Correcting Errors) 

  • Adding in new work sheet. 

  • Zooming in and out. 

  • Page Views. 

  • Closing Work Sheet without closing Excel 

  • Printing and page set up. 

  • Margins 

  • Page Breaks 

  • Headers and Footers. 

  • Formulas 

  • Addition, construction of basic formulas 

  • Adding sum to formulas. 

  • Autofill Formulas 

  • Minus formula 

  • Multiplier formula 

  • Division formula

  • Decimal Points 

  • Sorting data 

  • Editing Data 

  • Headings 

  • Merging 

  • Colouring your Cells 

  • Boarders 

  • Currency 

  • Alignments 

  • Percentages and Format Painter 

  • Interactive Sorting of Data (Adding in a Filter) 

  • Custom views  

  • Conditional Formatting.

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