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Simplify Taxes, Maximize Savings, and Unleash Growth Potential

New Zealand's Premier Custom Tax Service, Crafted Just for You

Uber & Courier

Specialized tax services tailored for rideshare drivers to maximize earnings, minimize taxes, and navigate financial goals with expert, personalized advice.


Small Business

Comprehensive tax and financial solutions for small businesses seeking growth, efficiency, and clarity in their financial journey, with dedicated one-on-one support.


Rental Property & Airbnb

Bespoke tax strategies and compliance guidance for rental and Airbnb hosts, ensuring profitability and peace of mind in your property investment ventures


IRD Tax updates & News

Stay Ahead: Insightful Tax Strategies and Financial Wisdom at Your Fingertips


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Hear from our clients directly 

"I was really confused about why I had to pay so much in income tax. I was getting really frustrated, so I decided to reach out to 93 Accounting. They were really helpful and took the time to go through all of my transactions. It turned out that I was missing a lot of expenses, which was why my tax bill was so high. The team even had meetings with the IRD on my behalf, which was a huge relief. Thanks to their help, I was able to resubmit my tax return and avoid paying more than I should have. I'm really grateful for their expertise and support!" - Gurpreet 

"I had been dreaming of buying a home for my family and children, but the process seemed overwhelming and intimidating. That's when I turned to 93 Accounting for help. They were there for me every step of the way, from navigating the tricky financials to dealing with the bank's stubbornness. Their team was incredibly supportive and went above and beyond to help me achieve my goal. Thanks to their guidance and expertise, I now have a safe and secure home for my family. I cannot recommend 93 Accounting highly enough, they truly made a difference in my life." Arminder 

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