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Research their online presence  

Visit their social media pages and take the opportunity to look at the people that are following them online. This will allow you to begin interacting with the customers of another brand. Done correctly you will gain an insight into what worked and what has not worked for the brand you are following. Make sure you do not simply spam their members with notifications and requests.  


Research their FAQ’s or requests  

Look into the FAQ or requests sections of the brand you are following. This will allow you to add in features to your business which customers are looking for.  



Make an offer to people who are upset with a product or service. 

 In today's world most people are vocal online, and they will express displeasure about a product or service. Most social media platforms have some sort of search function. Search for people who are unhappy with the brand, address their concerns and introduce them to your business. 

Go where they don’t go   

Research your brand and find out where they are not advertising. Find out what social media platforms that they are not on. Get to new platforms before the larger brands get there. Keep an eye out for new apps which you could take advantage of. Being a smaller company, you have the advantage of moving quicker compared to larger slower companies. 



Copy their social media strategy.  

 Look through their social media and see what has been getting the most interaction, likes and comments. If possible, try to come up with a similar post. This will give you a proven topic that will get attention. 


Competitive pricing. 

Find out how much other brands charge for their services and make sure your pricing will be able to compete with theirs. Having a slightly lower price will give you a small advantage over larger companies. For some services pricing may not be available however you can always request a quote as a potential customer and that should give you an idea of their pricing.  

Steal their good ideas and make them even better.  

Look at what other brands are doing well. Make sure that you incorporate that into your business and where possible think of ways you could add value to the product or service. 


Get accounting support  

There is no successful company that does not have the help of an accountant. Accountants will make sure that you are not paying too much tax. Accountants will make sure you are reaching your financial goals and will let you know if there is anything wrong within your company. All of this put together will allow you to make good business decisions and will allow your business to grow. Accountants are expensive but with 93 Accounting our packages start at just $12.5 per week, which includes your income tax (all IRD obligations), managements reports, tax forecasts, unlimited advice and much more. Click here to arrange a free meeting with us. 

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