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We go the extra mile to maximize your rideshare earnings and minimize your taxe

Uber, Uber Eats, Zoomy, Ola, Taxi & all other platforms 



We understand the unique tax challenges that rideshare drivers face. That's why we offer a comprehensive tax service that goes beyond just completing your tax returns. Unlike other firms, we don't rely on check lists or outsource contractors to do the work. Instead, you'll have a dedicated accountant in New Zealand with vast experience who will look at your entire situation and provide the best course of action to meet your tax goals.


Our approach is different because we don't just complete your tax filing - We provide a comprehensive service that will help you save more money now and in the future.


Our popularity with rideshare drivers speaks for itself - we've helped them save on tax, start other businesses, and buy their first homes. In addition, we'll help you with government subsidies, loan applications, and much more! see below for the benefits we provide our clients.

Abou us

Standard Income Tax Service

At 93 Accounting, we offer a specialized service for Uber drivers starting from $179.


This service includes timely income tax filing with the IRD and provision of signed financial reports that can be used for proof of income, home loans, and business loans.


Before commencing our work, we review our clients' previous reports to ensure they are claiming all possible expenses.


We hold in-person or virtual meetings to assess our clients' overall business situation and devise a tax strategy to minimize their tax liability.


Throughout the preparation of financial reports, we keep our clients updated and informed, allowing them to make necessary adjustments. After the reports are prepared, we discuss the results with our clients and offer advice on how they can improve their tax situation in the future.


Additionally, we assess eligibility for a $520 IETC tax credit and apply for it as an IRD approved tax agent. Our clients receive an automatic extension of time to file their income tax returns and an extra month to pay their taxes. At 93 Accounting, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional accounting services tailored to their specific needs.

Standard Service from $179

- Income Tax Filing 

- Pre Filing Taxation Panning 

- Post Filing Taxation Planning for the  next financial year 

- Financial Statements 

- IETC Tax Credit Applications

- Extension of time. 8 months of extra time to file and pay income tax 

Subscription Service 

We offer a subscription service specifically designed for Uber drivers. Our service starts at just $12.50 per week and covers anything and everything a Uber driver may need.

One of the most important benefits of our service is that we ensure our clients' income tax is filed accurately and on time with the IRD. We understand that the tax process can be complicated and time-consuming, but we take care of the entire process and keep our drivers informed and in control.

We also provide our clients with a set of signed financial reports that can be used as proof of income for home loans, business loans, or other financial applications. Our reports are comprehensive and provide an accurate and detailed picture of our clients' financial situation.

Before we begin our work, we review our clients' previous financial reports and We will hold an in-person or virtual meeting to assess their entire business situation and develop a tax strategy that minimizes their tax bill. 


We always keep our clients informed and up-to-date, allowing them to make any necessary adjustments to their business. After we've prepared the financial reports, we'll discuss the results with our clients and provide guidance on how to achieve better tax results in the future.

Our subscription service also includes completing GST returns for an entire year, regardless of the reporting frequency. This service also includes tax planning for GST returns.


If our clients are eligible for the $520 IETC tax credit, we'll apply for it on their behalf. We'll also provide financial forecasts and accountant-signed letters if our clients are applying for working for families tax credits.

Subscription Service from $12.50 per week 

- Income Tax Filing 

- GST Returns 

- Financial Statements 

- 12-month Access to Accountant

- Tax Planning (income Tax & GST)

- Subsidy Applications 

- Business Loan Applications

- Working for families' credits

- Donation Tax credits

- IETC Tax Credit Applications

- Tax Debt Management

- IRD Representation

- Extension of time. 8 months of extra    time to file and pay income tax 

We offer flexible payment options that allow you to choose what works best for you. Whether you prefer to pay outright or spread the cost over weekly or monthly payments, we're here to help. Our aim is to make our services accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.

As an IRD-approved tax agent, our clients receive an automatic extension of time to file their income tax returns and an extra month to pay their taxes. They also have access to their dedicated accountant at no extra cost, who can assist with any business expense questions.

If any issues with the IRD arise, we'll represent our clients and speak directly with the IRD to resolve any problems, including tax debt. We'll also assist our clients in applying for any subsidies that may be available to them, all within the subscription fee. This service provides peace of mind for our clients, knowing that they have accurate financial information readily available to them.

Overall, our subscription service for Uber drivers is a comprehensive solution to all their financial needs, offering everything from tax preparation and planning to financial reporting and representation. At 93 Accounting, we're committed to providing top-quality service at an affordable price, helping our clients thrive in their business ventures.

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