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Sell an emotion first.  


Tell your customers how their lives will become easier, the money that they save or the social benefit that they gain before you tell them about the details of your product. The key is to sell them an emotion first. Appeal to basic desires such as money, lust, love, social status, physical improvement etc once your customer is thinking about these things, they will become more willing to purchase products or services. Price of your product or service should be discussed at the end of your conversation rather than leading with it. This will allow your customer to imagine the benefit and they will become more receptive to the price. If you lead with the price the customer will hold the price in mind and may overlook the benefits you speak off.  

Present your product or service as something special.  

If you are selling a service, a tablet pc with graphics showing exactly what you will provide for them will show a high level of professionalism rather than having a casual discussion. If you are selling a product, make sure your product is free of defect and looks great. The aim of this point is to make sure that the customer feels your product is special even if something similar is available elsewhere. 


Let your customer experience your product.    

If you are selling a physical product let your customer hold and play around with it. This is one of the best ways to convince a customer to go ahead with the purchase. For example, if you are a web developer make sure when you meet your customer you have a laptop ready to go with your previous work on it. Let your customer see your work and let them click through and see the functionality of your previous work.   


Don't restrict your customers to your terms.   

Give your customers the freedom to choose from multiple versions of your product. This will give them a sense of control rather than being forced into your terms. For example, recently Huawie become one of the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world over taking Apple. Huawie garnered this success by offering its customers a range of cell phones rather than following Apple who only offer high end cell phones and does not accommodate customers who do not want to spend a premium price for a cell phone.

Written by, Manan Sajjad

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