Provide Quick Quotes & Increase Revenue

Providing quotes to customers is time consuming but an important element of closing a sale. Being able to write quick and accurate quotes is one key to increasing your revenue. Below are important points you can apply to your business and start to increase your revenue.

Ask questions and get information.

When a potential customer approaches you. Ask as many questions as you can and get all the finer details about the project. The more information you have the more accurate your quote will be. This will save you from taking a loss or worst yet telling your customers your quote didn’t include some product or service needed to complete the project. Information is your first key.

Focus on the speed of your quoting.

The longer you leave your customer waiting the more likely your customer will not accept your quote. Ideally you want to provide a quote on the same day your customer approaches you. Their conversation with you will be fresh in their mind and your speed will give them confidence that you will complete the project in the same manner. This can be very difficult when you are busy. If you are struggling with this think about hiring a contractor to help you.

Set rates.

In the last section we mentioned it can be difficult to prepare quotes during busy times. One way you can combat this problem is setting flat rates for common jobs. This will help save you time spent on paperwork, making your business more efficient.

Larger jobs: estimates rather than quotes

At times even the customer does not have all the details of the job. In this case don’t wait, provide an estimate. Let your customer know costs may increase as the project evolves. Effective communication is important. This is where most disputes between business owners and customers happen. A lack of clear communication. Take on the responsibility to make sure your customers fully understand the terms and conditions. This will save you time, money down the road and keep the reputation of your business in good stead.

Know what is profitable for you.

It is hard to say no to income, but some jobs are better than other. Do a costing analysis from your previous work so you can get insight what kind of jobs are the most beneficial for you. We recommend hiring an accountant to take you through this. We know getting an accountant can be expensive to work with you at this level that is why we have created an accounting package that is affordable and will provide you with everything you need. Including IRD compliance. Our package is paid in small easy weekly payments starting at just $23 per week. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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