Advice From Successful Drivers

Decrease wait time for next customer: talk to your customer and market yourself.

Your customers are a goldmine for many reasons. Speaking to them in a kind and genuine way is your key to more revenue. Most of your customers will be happy to speak about themselves. The aim is to create rapport/friendship with your customer. Leave such a good impression that they will remember you. good conversation, great navigation and a great price (if its within your control) The worst thing you can do is sit silently.

At the end of the trip thank your customer and hand over your business card. If you have done your job correctly, they will remember you and call you back time and time again. One good experience can result in a customer that calls you first for years to come.

Customers will be willing to wait and would prefer to pay the driver who they know and can trust.

Our clients who have helped us with this article have reported higher revenue and less wait times. Some have even resorted to switching off their phones during their off time due to the amount of calls they receive. A friendly conversation and a simple business card can and does work extremely well.

Some drivers may be thinking why not just get the customer to note down your number, there is no need for a business card. First you can give off the wrong signal if you are asking your customer to take your personal number. This can get you into trouble rather than help you. Customers will be a lot more comfortable taking a card. Even if the card has your personal cellphone number. Secondly a business card just shows professionalism. 

Earn more with less hours – cater to local events

Work smarter not harder. This is true for drivers as well. Find out when and where local events are taking place. Make sure you drive on those days especially. This will increase your earnings with fewer hours. Below are websites you can use to keep up with local events. These websites should determine when you drive. To save time go through all these events and schedule in them into your smart phone calendar.

If you're not in Auckland a quick google search for events in your area should lead you to useful sites.

Add revenue streams – ( Affiliations) work with other businesses

Affiliate marketing International customers – Tourists will be looking for interesting activities to do in or around your area. This is where you are missing out on extra revenue. Get in touch with businesses who are geared towards tourists (eg tour guides, restaurants, rental businesses, attractions outside of Auckland etc) spend time to find interesting activities you would do yourself near your area. Negotiate a commission deal with these businesses. If you drive traffic to their business, you are rewarded with a percentage.

Affiliate marketing Local Customers: Same principle as the international customers, just adjust what businesses you approach. Find local restaurants, Bars and late-night spots. Try to find unique and obscure places so your customers feel they have experienced something new by taking your recommendation.

You need to figure out the mechanics of the commission deal with the businesses you are working with. This means working with honest and reputable business owners.

Understand Taxation & Accounting

What do you need know as a driver?

Expenses – Know what you can claim and claim everything you can. Higher the expenses lower the tax – Get in touch with your accountant when you want to purchase items for your business.

Contractors – If you involved in more than just driving.  take advantage of the staggered tax rates, shift income to family members through contracting.

IRD deadlines – know your deadlines. Keep in good stead with the IRD and make sure you meet your deadlines for your returns. Avoid penalties and interest.

Tax forecasting – forecast your tax every quarter. Your tax is like a bill that grows. Keep an eye on it work with your accountant to keep bringing down the tax bill throughout the year.

GST – check with your accountant if you should be paying GST or not.

When you speak to an accountant at the end of the financial year it is generally too late to at that stage you are hiring an accountant to complete a form for you not to help you save meaning full money. Work with an accountant throughout the year, it will save you thousands of dollars.

Having your own accountant to work with for the year is very expensive right? Not with 93 Accounting our yearly subscription is just $12.50 per week. All your IRD obligation handled and unlimited access to your own accountant.

Link below for more details:

Work part or earn less than 66k then the greenlight package is for you. Income tax returns for just $95. Link below.

Get a side hustle and promote yourself.

Being a driver is a great opportunity. You will have a potential client in your car for a minimum of 5-10 minutes that will be enough time to casually tell them about what else you are involved in. This means you are continually meeting potential customers all day. 

Be very careful do not simply start talking about your business, you just look like a sales man. Rather build up trust with your customer first. This will make your customer more receptive, then you will be able to talk about your business in an effective manner.

If you do not run your own business, speak to other business owners most will be happy to work with you. If you would like to be part of our affiliate program contact us now: 09-3935651 we offer a generous $100 per customer that signs up to our yearly subscription.  

Share your experiences on social media.

Start thinking like a business owner don’t see yourself as just a driver. As a driver you get to see a lot of the sights and sounds of your city. We live in an age of videos and pictures. Take your experience online just like any other business would do. Take pictures and videos and gain a following online. 

what can you do with these followers?

First you can use referral codes like Uber codes – put these in your bio. Focus on getting a big enough following to create a passive stream of income. Done right it will earn you money in your sleep.  

Affiliate programs – get enough followers other businesses will want to work with you.

This is a rather new opportunity for drivers However, remember most social media platforms allow free businesses pages so you have nothing to lose by trying this out.


Please read the terms and conditions of the company you are affiliated before taking any action.

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