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Keys to a successful photography busines

Give your customers an experience – don't just take pictures  

your clients are looking for a great experience from their photographer. Good photography is only a small part of running a successful business. Make sure from the moment a potential customer calls you, they are getting the best customer service. Have clear, simple communication so your customer understands what you will provide for them. There is nothing worse than a confused client. They will automatically think you are trying to take advantage of them. Be clear, honest and most importantly provide a great experience for your customers  

Another great way to show off to your clients is to try to deliver the product before the expected date, also add in a little gift for your clients. Most people will only hire a photographer on extremely special occasions, and they have let you be an integral part of it. Show some appreciation of sharing that moment with them and send them a little gift along with the product. If you did this your clients will never forget you and will be willing to share more of their special moments with you.  


Take the lead on social media  

Being on Facebook & Instagram is a staple for any business. Keep a lookout for new upcoming platforms. If on the off chance you become an early adopter of the next big thing it can change your life and your business significantly. Spend some time researching trends and platforms while maintaining the staple platforms to advertise on.   

Try to use unconventional ways to create awareness for your business. For example, people may not think Reddit is a place for businesses but why not start answering questions about photography on Reddit? Why not share your work in Reddit forums for exposure? You can also look in different categories. For example, wedding forums, you can get involved in the discussion and later mention that you are a professional photographer. There is a lot of noise out there you need a way to cut through all of that and get to your customers.  


Hashtags on Instagram

The following are ideal hashtags for Instagram. They will help you instantly gain followers and get attention instantly. Instagram allows a total of 30 tags do not be shy of using up all 30 tags below are our suggestions. 

#instamood #happy #landscape #sun #igers #flowers #naturephotography #photograph #instalike #goodday #travelphotography #nikon #wanderlust #architecture #fitness #instatravel #photogram #pretty #sunday #smile #toptags #amazing #followforfollow #life #sky #travelling #view #beach #girls #blue 


Always be prepared 

Alot can go wrong all at the same day. Eventually you will have one of these days when you are meant to come through for your client. If you are not prepared to deal with unforeseen events, then you could lose a significant amount of business. Sit down and think of the worst-case scenarios and make sure you can respond professionally to unforeseen events. 


Get a good accountant 

Managing your expenses and managing your taxes is an important part of your business. Make sure you are taking full advantage of taxation laws. Make sure you have someone by your side to help you with your business decisions and to help you reduce your tax.  

Ask yourself, if you had to pay taxes right now, do you know how much tax you need to pay? if not then have you set a side profit purely to pay tax?  

Unfortunately help like that from an experienced accountant can be very expensive however at 93 accounting we offer full year unlimited business and tax support, financial forecasting and completion of reporting to the IRD (income tax & GST) for just $20 per week. You can have an accountant by your side right from the start for just $20 per week.

Want to pay less tax or need a hand with accounting? fill out the from below and we will get back to you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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