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  • Stop using hashtags and keywords passively use them to hunt down leads. 

  • Use paid promotions on social media. 

  • Don't advertise directly all the time but create good meaningful content.  

  • Connect with larger accounts/brands seek to work with them for exposure. 

  • social media algorithms favour post interaction.  



Be proactive with key words. 

You can monitor certain key words and see who else is using the same keyword as you. Once you have identified individuals decide if you should approach them with your business or not. For example, people can ask for recommendations, I will search for posts and look for people searching for an accountant. from there i will decide if i should approach this person or not. Be very careful with this idea do not simply go out and spam everyone who is simply using a keyword.   


Paid posts on social media 

Paid advertisements on social media is incredibly cheap compared to traditional advertising. It is also highly effective. Social Media platforms will allow you to target very specific audiences. Allowing you to advertise to people only you are interested in. With only a few dollars you can reach hundreds of people who have never heard of your brand before. A powerful tool most business owners tend to look over.  


Build a following by providing meaningful content 

When you begin your social media journey it can be very difficult. A way to attract followers is to create content that is meaningful do not simply a repost or use external links. Create content that your audience can learn from, benefit from or try to get an emotional response from your audience. 


Connect with larger accounts and influencers  

Get in touch with other accounts or influencers that are operating in your space. A shout out by them will work wonders for your business. Again, this is where if you create good content influencers may repost or in some way use your content to push it out to their audience. This can get you an unbelievable amount of exposure. 


Encourage discussion and interaction 

Most social media platforms are geared towards interaction from the audience, if your audience is interacting with your posts the more help you will get from the platform to expose your content to new people. Therefore, have some posts that encourages discussion. Maybe ask a question, ask for input from your audience or run a competition where interaction is a way to go into the draw.  


Reach out unconventional or new platforms 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are great social media platforms, but they are saturated. Think about expanding out past them and keep an eye out for new platforms. If you are one of the first on a new popular platform you can easily become an influencer yourself. An unconventional platform is reddit, go out and start answering questions that are in the same space as your business. Gently let people know what you are doing and what your business is.  

Written by Manan Sajjad 

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