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Hacks to make more money with Uber in NZ 


Don't follow everyone else. 


Don’t rush to surge areas if you are not close to them. By the time you get there a horde of other drivers would already be there. The chance of you getting a good fare will be fairly low. Do not forget since drivers are flocking to one area other areas will have less drivers, this can also cause a price increase. 


Don't drive around looking for customers 

Most new drivers will drive endlessly to find riders. The more you drive the more fuel you are burning and the more wear and tear you cause your car. Try to stick to the main centres if you can avoid driving too far to pick up riders.  


Use the Uber passenger application  

The rider application can show you where all the other drivers are gathering. From there you can make a strategic decision for your driving. There are rumours that the passengers are alerted about surges quicker than drivers this could be a good way to get the edge over other drivers.  


Help drive up fares. 

During busy hours it might pay to log out for 10-15mins. Less driver’s means higher fares. When you log back in you can take advantage of higher fares in your area. This is a bit risky you could lose out on a great fare while you were logged out.  


Drive on the right days. 

Study your community, find out the days where your community is the most active and keep the least active days as your weekend. 

Shop around for insurance, mechanics & general car needs 

Chances are you are not getting the best deal for your car insurance. It will pay to talk to other drivers in your community to make sure you are absolutely getting the best deal for your insurance. This can be applied to fuel, mechanics & general car care products. Talk to other drivers in your community and make sure you are getting the best deal for all of these.  


Have a backup car if your car needs repairs. 

Have you ever thought about what you would if you had an unfortunate accident? You must plan out exactly how you will get a replacement temporarily or permanently. It will save you a lot of money and stress if you plan for this now rather than panicking when the unfortunate happens. 


Get Proper accounting help. 

Most Uber drivers try to find the cheapest accountant that they can find. In the long run you will end up losing money you could have saved through lowered tax. If you are hiring an accountant during tax season, then all your accountant is doing is filling out an IRD form for you. At that point they are unable to help you that much. The ideal option is getting an accountant that can help you throughout the year, give you advice any time you need and provide tax forecasts for you, so you can actively carry out activity to reduce your tax before its due. However, in NZ getting a service like this is normally expensive.


At 93 Accounting we have designed an affordable package specialised for Uber drivers. You will receive unlimited business & tax advice, tax forecasts, active management of your tax, all your IRD obligations covered and much more. Many Uber drivers have signed up for this and have reaped the benefit of having a personal accountant to call upon at any time. Best part is you can receive all of this for just $12.50 per week. Click here for our contact details and your gateway to more money and less stress. 


Recruit new passenger for a bonus. 

Most Uber drivers do not take the referral system seriously. It can lead to a nice bonus for you. Print out business cards with your referral code on it. Hand it out to people who may be interested in uber in the future. 

Want to pay less tax or need a hand with accounting? fill out the from below and we will get back to you.

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