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Take your dedicated hashtag offline   

It's great that you have created a dedicated hashtag but hardly anyone is even looking it up. Make sure your hashtag is somewhere on your profile. Take your hashtag offline as well. Print it on your marketing material, in your email signature, on your receipts and on any marketing material. This will help spread your hashtag and people will be able to see your upcoming content.  


Go beyond normal hashtags  

You should use common hashtags that are related to your post but do not forget to think outside the box. Use some quirky and funny hashtags, don't simply rely on the obvious tags. 


Trending hashtags 

It will pay to keep an eye on what is trending and design a post around that hashtag. Targeted hashtags are great for getting specific people however a popular hashtag is great to get yourself in front of a lot of people. 


A Dynamic bio  

Don't have a bio that's always the same. Use it to link to your latest content or other areas of your business. Don't simply have it linked to your website. Make sure you have your dedicated hashtag in your bio as well. 


Tell a story 

Do not overlook the description section of your post. If the picture is interesting enough, you will engage your audience more if there is a story behind the image.  


Remove hashtags 

As time goes by you may realize that there are certain posts that you no longer like, or you may simply want the very best of your work to show up when someone searches for your hashtag. This doesn't mean you need to delete the posts completely, you can simply edit the posts and delete the hashtags. 

Call to action 

An old marketing tool used by professionals, make sure at the end of your post there is a call to action. Seems obvious but you would be surprised how well this works.

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