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Learn how to use inherent human behavior to boost your sales.

People are not always rational, we as humans make decisions based of human factors rather than choosing the best logical option. Below are some behaviors you should learn to advance your business sales.


People are risk adverse.


Most people will choose to avoid loss over the chance to gain pleasure. This means customers are unlikely to switch to your product or service. They are comfortable with their current solution but your product or service is an unknown to them, so why risk it? The truth in most cases they will not.


So what can you do?

Offer free trials, limited trials or a free version of your product or service. If your potential customers do not have much to lose they will be much more open to approaching your business. By the time they have experienced your product or service, their level of loss aversion would have greatly decreased.



People are curious


Curiosity played a big part in human evolution and it still plays a big part today.


Curiosity leads us to follow click bait YouTube clips, internet add, forums etc it is part of our nature to know.


We are not saying use click bait advertisements however keep this point in mind. One possible way to use this principle, is to use stories. A classic example is a before and after picture on a thumbnail of a fitness video. We naturally want to see how this person managed to do so well.


people are not interested in your company but themselves


This is a common fact to most people the most important person is them self’s. So why would they be interested in your business? Most businesses will talk about how good they are at this or at that, how much money they have made and how they plan to go ahead. That is great but how does that help your customers?


Refocus on your customers tell them what they will get and the benefits they will receive. That will spark more interest.


People will believe what they believe


People will hold their beliefs very close to them. People will even go out and find evidence to prove that their believes are correct, ignoring anything that does not agree with them. It is almost impossible to change a person beliefs so make sure your advertising is not attacking any beliefs. Study your target audience and use their beliefs in your advertising.


People are lazy


Biologically we are programmed to put in least amount of effort in order gain the maximum reward. we do not want to do more than we "have" to. This is why all these get rich quick schemes work so well. You can use this principal in a proper manner. Make sure using your business is EASY. Your website is easy to navigate, it’s easy to purchase, easy to ask questions etc this will appeal to your customers and give you an edge over other businesses.


Written by Manan Sajjad

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