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Free google tools you can use to improve your business.


Google my business

There are millions of searches on google per day. Google my business will allow your business to be searchable on google follow the link below to get started:


Retailers and Google

Google retail is a new and powerful tool. This will allow you to list your inventory with google. Whenever someone searches for your product it could potentially show up at the top with a direct link to your website.


Market research & trends

If you need information to make decisions for your business think with google is a great resource and well worth checking out.

Google trends is another tool to gain some insight to make better decisions.


Keep an eye on your website with Google Analytics

This will allow you to see the traffic on your site. This is a must have tool. This will let you see what is attracting customers to your site.


Google forms

Want to do some research within your current customer base? Use google forms a great way to collect data.

Google Blogger

Get your blog out there with google blogger. Take advantage of their free SEO help you will receive if you use this service.


Google feed burner

This tool will allow your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed so they can view your blog as soon as new content is uploaded.

Written by Manan Sajjad

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