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How to use Facebook to increase profit. 


Soft conversions  

A lot of business owners forget that Facebook users are there to be entertained they are not there to purchase a service or product. Remember not to force your product onto potential customers, instead go for a soft approach create content that encourages potential clients to click on your Facebook page and website. That is where you can sell your product. Facebook advertising should be compelling and act as bait to your Facebook page and your website.  


The soft approach will also allow you to collect information which later could be used for direct advertisements. 

For this kind of advertising you will need to have a broad target. With three principles. The advertisement must be credible, informative and entertaining. Use minimal text. Try to use basic desires like saving money, hunger, respect, love etc these are generic but still very powerful and will get the attention of your customers.  


Layer your targeting 

Unlike the example above this strategy will focus on specific people with specific interests. Facebook has a great target audience tool. With this tool you can layer your audience. For example if your business is to repair sports cars. The obvious target would be car hobbyists in your area. If you layer this target audience you can also add in Uber drivers as they depend on their cars to make a living. This allows you to get right to the audience you want and broaden your overall audience. Being specific with your targeting will allow you to hard sell as the target audience will already be interested in the product or service. 

Don't forget to use Facebook advertising objectives.  

This is a commonly overlooked feature of Facebook. When you boost a post on Facebook you will be asked your objective for the boost. Do not mindlessly select any option but select what that advertisement is designed for, there is a complex algorithm in the background that will help you achieve your objective so do not take this lightly. 


Make sure your website is mobile optimized.  

Most people on Facebook who will click on your post will be using mobile phones. Make sure your website on mobile is quick to load, responsive and bug free. If your website is slow or contains bugs it will make your service and product look cheap. If you are looking a company that specializes in mobile websites at an affordable price we would recommend   


Test your website on multiple devices (tablets etc) not just mobile phones. 


Create adds aimed at one specific set of people  

Create advertisements which are created for particular set of people, for example if you are wanting attract IT start ups for your consulting business. Then create an add that is focused on technology and convey that you know how to handle a young and growing company. Use the Facebook targeting tool to specifically look for exactly these two factors. This can be repeated for other specific groups of people. This is one of the most effective ways to attract clients on Facebook. 

Spread out to Instagram  

Instagram is increasingly popular among the younger audience. If your business is designed around younger customers then it is important to have an Instagram page as well as a Facebook business page. Instagram is different but a lot of the same principles will apply. 

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