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Grow your electrical business in New Zealand 

  • Get a proper contact data base system. 

  • Increase your design capabilities  

  • Show case and show of your work. 

  • Offer services to owners. 

  • Get into social media marketing. 

  • Keep up with trends and new technology.  

  • Take proper care of your tax and financial side of your business.  


Get a proper contact data base system

It is hard to remember all your customers and even harder to remember the last time you contacted them. Get your business organised with a contact data base. The data base should include all details (eg name, phone number etc) and should include last contact and specific notes for each customer. Use this database to send notifications to your customers and to follow up with your customers. A simple phone call to a customer asking if everything was fine after the work had been done will almost guarantee they will become a repeat customer. 

Use your contact list as a chance to market your business. Sending emails or SMS to your customers directly is very valuable. Especially if you are running a promotion. 


Increase your design capabilities  

Drawings and drafting that are done in house will help you look more professional and will give you a edge over the competition. The ability to resolve problems through design and modifications is a strong selling point when working with owners, engineers & architects.  

If you're not already using it, investigate learning and using 3D BIM technology. This technology will change the industry. Well worth learning to keep you on the cutting edge of the modern world. 


Show case and show of your work

Showcase your past achievements. Find ways to let your customers know how you have saved money for your past clients or added value to past projects. Let them know they are getting the best if they choose to go with you. this can be done through marketing and reviews your customers can read.   


Offer services to owners

Once a job is complete the last thing you want is a call back while the work is still under warranty. This is not ideal, but you can use this as an opportunity. How? The owners will be the ones calling you, if you have not met the owners yet this is a great way to show that you back up your work. This is also a good way to create a relationship with them and offer them your services for any future work they need done. This is your chance to expand your contacts.  


Get into social media marketing

In today's world everything is online this means you need to be online as well, no matter what business your running. If you are just starting out and do not have a big budget for marketing. Social media marketing is very cheap. for example, a paid add on Facebook can cost as little as $5. You are able to increase the budget as it suits you. You must be on all the major platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and if you can manage it Youtube. 


Keep up with trends and new technology


If you do not evolve with the times you will find it hard to survive. Invest in learning new tech such as solar and wind technology. Attend conferences and works shops to continually upskill. Make sure your staff also are up to date with all the latest ideas. This will future proof your business. 


Take proper care of your tax and financial side of your business


Managing your expenses and managing your taxes is an important part of your business. Make sure you are taking full advantage of taxation laws. Make sure you have someone by your side to help you with your business decisions and to help you reduce your tax.   

Ask yourself, if you had to pay taxes right now, do you know how much tax you need to pay? if not then have you set a side profit purely to pay tax?   


Unfortunately help like that from an experienced accountant can be very expensive however at 93 accounting we offer full year unlimited business and tax support, financial forecasting and completion of reporting to the IRD (income tax & GST) for just $30 per week. You can have an accountant by your side right from the start for just $30 per week. visit for more information.

Want to pay less tax or need a hand with accounting? fill out the from below and we will get back to you.

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