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Book-Keeping & Taxation 


 Need someone to manage your day to day accounting, handle your taxation, provide you financial reports to help you make business decisions? Sounds like you need to expand and hire a full time employee! Or for just $60 a week you can get us to do it for you. See below for more details. 

  •  Continual Taxation advice  

  • Annual Income Tax return  

  • 2 monthly GST returns   

  • End of calendar year meeting to prepare for income tax returns. 

  • End of calendar year financial performance review to eliminate taxable income before income tax is due (Click here for more details) 

  • Maintain a asset & depreciation schedule 

  • Maintain a home office schedule   

  • Accounts payable management  

  • Accounts receivable management  

  • Monthly debtors report 

  • Monthly financial performance reports  

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