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What Business expenses can I claim?

Mileage Rate/Motor vehicle

Use of Home office

  • Repairs & Maintenance

  • Rates

  • Insurance (house & contents)

  • Power

  • Gas

  • Mortgage interest

  • Security System

  • Rubbish Disposal

  • Home Telephone


Travel Expenses


  • Travel between business places

  • Travel overseas

  • Travel to acquire plant (this may be treated as capital and added to the cost of the

  • plant)


Overseas Travel


  • Letters of introduction

  • Business contracts/cards

  • Firms visited

  • Business conducted

  • Any diversions for personal purposes

  • All items of expenditure

  • (No GST is claimable)

Premiums & levies


·       Building and contents for the business premises

  • Business assets

  • Business protection

  • Accident compensation levies.


Wages paid to employees (No GST)




Fixed Assets


Items over $500 + GST are capitalised and then depreciated. This spreads the cost of the asset over an estimated life of the asset. The depreciation is then claimed on an annual basis. Buildings are no longer depreciable but the chattels in the building are. Please keep a separate list so that the maximum depreciation can be claimed. There is depreciation allowed on the fit out of a commercial building, we will let you know what further information we may require.


Professional fees.

·       Accountancy

·       Legal (in most circumstances)

·       Consultancy

·       Management


Personnel costs


  • Training

  • Seminars

  • Protective clothing

  • Uniforms (must be branded)

  • Dry cleaning expenses for protective clothing and uniforms


Miscellaneous costs


  • Subscriptions

  • Advertising

  • Bank charges

  • Finance charges re business loans or hire purchases

  • Hire of equipment

  • Interest (bank, hire purchase, loans)

Entertainment Expenses 

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