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1. Learn SEO   

SEO seems very complex, but SEO is only based on a few bedrock principles. Once you invested some of your time this skill can be used to generate leads and revenue indefinitely. Google is the leading search engine the potential of SEO is unlimited. 


2. Start blogging and creating content  

Starting a blog is easy to do however it is extremely difficult to create meaningful and interesting content for your followers however if you are able to tap into what your target market is interested in then you can see incredible growth in your business. A consistent blog will slowly attract a big following. 


3. Answer questions on facebook groups 

There is a facebook group for almost any topic. Spend some time to join as many groups as you can, which are in line with your business. For example if you are a builder you can join DIY groups. Any time someone has a question you can answer their question. This is a great way to showcase your experience and a great way to let people know you are builder with your own business. 

4. Connect with influencers  

If your business is primarily online connecting with an influencer can be game changing. Influencers have a horde following them a mention about your product or service by them will work wonders. 


5. Start business pages/channels on social media  

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful form of marketing in the current world. Getting on the most popular social media platforms is a staple of any business. 


6. Give a ways 

“Free” is a word that will always get attention. Use giveaways to get people to attract customers to your business. This works especially well for facebook and instagram. A classic and effective example is "like our page for your chance to win"


7. Affiliate programs  

Give incentives to your current clients if they manage to refer you a client give them a discount. This will encourage them to talk about your business and will encourage them to come back to you to receive the discount they earnt.  


8. Discount sites  

There are a number of sites that offer huge discounts. Giving away your product or service at a discounted price will help spread the word about your business and will eventually lead to profit. 

9. Hire a virtual book keeper  

A virtual bookkeeper is affordable and can provide a 15%-20% increase in profit annually. A book keeper will make sure your invoices are sent out on time and a good book keeper will follow up with clients who have not paid. This is a great way to put distance between you and the client when it comes to the difficult task of debt collecting. 


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Package includes. 

Our package includes: 


Accounts payable management   


Accounts receivable management   


Unlimited Taxation advice   


Financial performance reviews   


No extra or hidden fees 


Starting at just $50 a week 

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